About Us

Improving the health and well-being of the residents in the Ohio Valley

Established in 2017, River Valley Health Foundation, a not-for-profit public charity, is a health advocate, whose purpose is to improve the health of the Ohio Valley.  The Foundation does so by identifying areas of healthcare vulnerability and partnering with organizations whose work addresses these issues.  Through ongoing needs assessments, the Foundation continues to identify concerns in these communities and provides funding to organizations whose work will address them.  Additionally, the Foundation looks for opportunities to develop initiatives where it can fund and provide needed services directly.  River Valley Health Foundation seeks to have a positive impact on current and emerging health issues and risks, empowering residents in its service area to access health services and to value, embrace, and maintain their health.  The Foundation also seeks to identify and provide funds to assist health care professionals in serving the residents with the highest quality of care.

This Foundation’s focus is on the specific areas of the indigent, elderly, and children.

We fund programs which fit the above criteria and which also serve the following communities:

Belmont, Jefferson, Monroe, Guernsey, and Harrison counties in Ohio

Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel counties in West Virginia

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